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4 Local SEO Tips 2013

Annzo Corporation: Local search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important for local business owners because its contribution very effective directly to their sales and profitability. Google is constantly working on improving their SEO implications and pressing a more profound platform for local business owners. For instance, Yelp being one of the most on growing and successful site specifically relates to local business and there are millions of people who consult yelp listings, ratings and reviews before they tend to try that particular business products and services. Local search engine optimization is advertising your business but in a more over powering way that happy and positive customer that loves your services co relates their experiences to it. The contribution towards interacting with online consumer or even those who just visit such site for instance Yelp just rate your service for in store services needs to be taken care of. What this means for local businesses is that (just like the rest of SEO) their local SEO must keep up with the game and form an integral part of their marketing and search strategy. Here small insightful tip regarding SEO 2013:

  • Claim your business on Google local business listings:

Don’t ignore the power of Google because it is consider to be the boss of search engine optimization and their services such as Google local business listings, Google maps listings, blogger or Google etc. are there for some specific purpose. Claiming your local business with Google local business listings should be your first step towards SEO and it is one of the most searched application for local business as statistics proves. It easily correlated minuet information in splits second through smart phone and various digital gadgets that’s why consumers love it. Here are some points to remember:

  • Make sure you have verified information as in your postal address and local phone number.
  • Have different listings for all your different locations
  • Use description space wisely with short but quality content.
  • Choose right categories that directly relates to your product and services.
  • Include all small online casinos details such as your hours of operation, main prices listings or your menu for instance.
  • You can also update your listings for your ongoing sales and discounts.
  • Add images and videos if possible because they also enhance the overall ranking of your listings which also another main part regarding local SEO strategy.

4 Local SEO Tips 2013 annzo corp

  • Proper citations are very important:

It’s very important to take care of small aspects that contribute in a very effective manner when dealing with local SEO factors and Annzo Corporation experts always suggest their clients to get more knowledge on what is more direct and contributing towards their local business. When dealing with citations which are also another main tactic regarding SEO, you have to keep your information same through any listings or citing site. Especially your address and your local phone number regarding your business services because then web crawlers will automatically regenerate your information is authentic and will have more profound backlinks. Including the one that is stated in the footer of your official website!


  • Local Directories are also important:

If you have claimed your Google local business listings successfully it simple doesn’t mean that you ignore the reason why local business directories are there for. A lot of online surfers still prefer to scroll through their requirement related listings and plus they can also be used as good backlinks and citations. Citations are very important are also emphasized by Annzo Corporation professionals sure to the effectiveness on rankings.


  • Always respond to reviews:

If you’ve noticed all popular listings sites or related have review/comments sections and they heavily affect your overall on listings on SERPs. Most of the time people who leave reviews are the one who are not happy with services but now with the entertainment of yelp and other sites, people also leave positive reviews for business services. The way to tackle negative reviews is to reply to your non-happy customer with some incentive so you can improve your overall reputation and also attract more customers towards your services.




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